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Dosha Pacifying Skin Care Range

A fresh and original approach to skincare and beauty.

An ancient tradition in a ready to use and modern package that is accessible to all.

Classical formulations of herbal compounds and natural oils suited to each individual.

Made in New Zealand employing modern manufacturing practices and ingredients for natural products.

Five years in the making! Extensive research, trials, and experimentation completed prior to release.

Newly released products include a Dosha Pacifying Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser for each Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

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Philosophy behind these unique natural products

Just as each and every one of us is unique so must all we do be tailored to our individual needs. In Ayurveda it is understood that outer beauty comes first from inner beauty, understanding and accepting our self, and developing a life-style that is correct and compatible for us as unique individuals. This includes what we put on our skin as this too becomes food for the body and must suit us.

In Ayurvedic skincare the herbs and oils are chosen to suit the individual constitution and to reduce the Dosha that is most aggravated. This is the root cause of any inner and outer disturbances. Once the root cause is addressed many of the symptoms that are being experienced may fall away. Most modern skin care products are “cosmetic” in the way they work – meaning to ‘cover up’. They are mostly created to work on symptoms such as dry skin, oily skin, acne, etc without consideration to what the root cause of these problems is.

It is not a matter of one herb being better than another but which herb is more correct and compatible for each person. Ancient’s Best has selected traditional herbs and oils to support and pacify each specific Dosha in addition to having the qualities needed to carry out the function of that product (such as cleansing, toning and moisturising).

Other products on the market select herbs based purely on the properties of the individual herb without taking into account what in fact suits the individual using that product. There is always a risk when using such products that the herbs are not compatible to the person and over time this can cause disturbance.

Ancient’s Best products are not single herb products but contain a number of herbs chosen for their suitability to pacify a particular Dosha, as well as their synergistic qualities working in combination with other herbs. It is understood in Ayurveda that using several herbs with similar qualities gives a more powerful effect and greater benefits than using a single herb.

A Modern Approach to Traditional Products

Although all Ancient’s Best products are made using traditional knowledge the method of manufacture is modern so the products are accessible and easy to use as one would any conventional cleanser, toner, or moisturiser. Packaging is clear so the product can be seen and bottles are light and easy to carry when travelling. Lotion pumps easily lock shut without loss of the product and release small amounts of lotion so as to reduce waste.

‘Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food’

Just as we have to be very particular with what we eat and when we eat and how much we eat, it is equally important to understand the nature and qualities of your Skin Care products as they are but ‘food’. This is what we have aspired to achieve with our Skin Care products, not only food for your skin but food for the whole being.

Life-style Management

The traditional application of Ayurveda is focused primarily on a Life-style management approach and this is the most important factor in terms of stability. Life-style is everything and anything that affects you and because you are unique it must be correct and compatible for you.

Ancient’s Best Skin Care products are formulated and prepared as we would any Ayurvedic remedy prepared for the individual for treating imbalances of the Dosha that has caused some symptoms of dis-ease to appear. That much study and care has gone into selecting the right and suitable herbs to do the right work and function.

The benefits of using our Skin Care products will be good for all but if one abides by the principles of Ayurvedic Lifestyle management, then the skin care products can offer miraculous changes and improvements. This is because our Skin Care products act as a corrector of Dosha imbalances and not just to do some surface or cosmetic work as most skin care products do. These products work at the root level and not superficially. Thus though it takes a little longer for effective results, the results once obtained will remain as part of you and your life.

The benefit for the end user is that they will get long term and overall benefits and not just mere improvement of their skin quality. Ancient’s Best’s adherence to the fundamentals of classical Ayurveda means that support is given to stabilize the disturbed Dosha that is the root cause of not only skin problems but also other dis-ease. The approach is holistic; respecting and caring for the whole individual